Boroughbridge – Off the beaten track

Visiting Ferrisby, near Knaresborough, for Sunday lunch at The General Tarleton we decided to go early and stop off at Boroughbridge. A town neither of us had visited although pass the A1 ‘turn off’ to it frequently.

Lovely sunny day for a walk and, from our arrival, the town was full of surprises. The town centre car park had a voluntary fee of £2.00 and an honesty box at the exit. A novel idea that we had never seen before, hopefully everyone paid up.

There were two things I noticed straight away – the shops were closed! So unusual these days to have Sunday closures. The cafes and restaurants were open with plenty of pavement seating on which to watch the world go by. Or, in this case watch the cyclists – the town appeared to be a popular cycling route with many riders tending to their bikes or taking a break in the cafes. The colours and styles of Lycra fashions were an interesting addition to the flower displays.

The second thing I noticed was the main shopping streets were full of independent shops and not the Boots, WHSmith’s etc that I had expected. So, although glad to see that the shops were closed on a Sunday giving the retailers a rest, it was disappointing not to be able to call in to view the wares. Of course, it does mean we will be back one weekday.


Walking past one of the shops I noticed something rarely seen nowadays – the till cash drawer had been emptied and left open. ‘nothing to steal here – move along thief’. I am old enough to remember when this was a common site, an attempt by shopkeepers to prevent damage to their property by those forcing an entry.



Not far from the car park, near the War Memorial we came to a notice board with a ‘Town Tour’ and map which we decided to follow.







Although not long the walk was interesting, especially the sites of the 4 ‘Devils Arrows’. Amazing size and an untold tale of how and why such huge rocks were placed where they are. Many thoughts but nothing to confirm the facts, if only they could talk.

Surrounded by water – small becks, a river and a marina – we turned corners to be surprised by bridges, weirs and countryside views. Whilst the town may not fill a day it certainly is worth visiting – to break a long journey or to use as the start of a country walk.

As well as calling in to the Tourist Information Office the web links below have further information of the town and sights to visit should you be nearby.


And so, on to lunch. First time at The General Tarleton and would fully recommend a visit. many positive reviews and I would endorse them all – especially the young staff serving many diners and always pleasant.

Author: Terri Larcombe

Terri is recently retired and commenced this site to share her experience of retirement, both as an information resource and a Lifestyle Blog

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