Pre-holiday healthy eating

Ever in search of that ‘Beach Body’ we once again view the few weeks before a holiday as a time to rectify 11 months of over-indulgence. Well, it never works in reality and I don’t spend time on the beach anyway.

I do, however, aim to lose a couple of pounds before travelling so I can enjoy trying new foods in strange locations without fear of an expanding waistline (as I have already removed the weight I would have gained- if you follow my logic) 

This year I have been using Tom Kerridge’s book ‘Lose weight for good’. Overall the meals have been tasty and easy to prepare although – word of warning – read the recipe instructions the day before. The number of times I arrive at ‘Step 4’ to read ‘and now marinate for 8 hours’ – 8 hours??, I’m serving it in 30 minutes!!

The servings are a very good size and often I would find that there would be enough left over for lunch the next day. Obviously, that depends on the size of your appetite, but husband never complained of hunger and he can eat a lot! 


Lamb Tagine with Chickpeas was an instant favourite and the recipe used more than once. One of those that I would use even when not ‘healthy eating’



The Rainbow Trout with Braised Fennel was another popular dish – very easy to prepare and all in the same dish. I used Salmon as Trout was unavailable on the day, worked just as well.

The Pulled Pork Tacos looked so pretty on the plate that you could be forgiven for doubting their ‘healthiness’. (my photo does not do them justice) This recipe would work as well with Chicken, Turkey and especially with Slow roasted lamb.



Another success was ‘Chinese Meatball Stir fry’. The servings were enormous and even though I halved the recipe there was still enough for lunch the next day for busy husband.


One of my favourites was the Italian Seafood Pot– easy to prepare and all in one pot. What’s not to like? 

As to the soups – I would recommend them all as they made satisfying lunches and the surplus sat in the freezer happily. The North African Soup is so filling it could be a main course. The Thai-style Butternut squash looks so pretty and by adding some fish easily becomes a main dish. Cream of celeriac soup with Truffle Oil is, oh so sophisticated, I felt the title ‘Chef’ would not have been out of place when serving it.

So, despite feasting well, we did shed a few pounds.






Author: Terri Larcombe

Terri is recently retired and commenced this site to share her experience of retirement, both as an information resource and a Lifestyle Blog

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