Posh Omelette

Having accumulated a good pile of eggs as a reward for taking care of the hens recently (http://perpetually49.com/clucky-day-care/) I thought I would cook something ‘up market and posh’ to recognise the privilege I felt making their acquaintance. In Jamie Oliver’s book ‘15 Minute Meals’ I found a suitable recipe ‘Arnold Bennett Frittata with Focaccia & Emmental Waldorf Salad’.

It soon became apparent the 15-minute challenge was not going to happen when I could not buy Focaccia, ready made or in a packet, in either of the two supermarkets nearby. (Not mentioning any names – the one at the edge of Stockton and the one at the edge of the village, you know who you are!) so I hot footed it home and made my own.

I used a recipe from the Hairy Bikers ‘Big Book Of Baking’ and it was very easy. Their side note informing the reader that they had made it by the side of a canal in Venice was slightly depressing as the weather here was damp and drizzly and I sooo love Venice.

The frittata was quick to make and tasty as was the salad. I felt that I was eating two meals – the omelette would have been fine with a green salad and the Focaccia went well with the Apple and Cheese salad .

(Note- this was a post on my FaceBook page but as I am having issues uploading to it I thought I would reproduce it here)

Author: Terri Larcombe

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