In Only 15 minutes …. Really?

Having fallen for the promise of tasty nutritious meals in 30 minutes and discovered that it is more difficult than that, you would have thought I was wise to Jamie’s promise of meals in 15 minutes but no – I once again heard but did not listen.

I have watched his programmes, I see the clock ticking as he gallops through the preparation and cooking, and I know he can do it in 15 minutes but me – I either have a malfunctioning clock or my kitchen is without elves because I just cannot do it!

I have reconciled myself to accepting that the 30-minute meals will take at least 45 minutes and the 15 minutes meals (from start to finish) a minimum of 30 minutes.

The reason I would advise persisting is the tastiest of each of the recipes, the recipes are easy to follow, if you have a ‘missing ingredient’ it is easy to substitute something else from the cupboard and the portions sizes are good.

The Chicken Dim Sum is one that I have made more than once – although I do need to allow 40 minutes as I have slightly changed how it’s cooked. By following the book instructions I found my chicken was always dry, so I now cook the chicken and accompaniments in a separate pan rather than using a second steamer.

The coconut buns are delicious and spread with a jam such as Lotus jelly make an easy dessert.





The Grilled Cajun Prawns was very tasty and went well with the Sweet Potato mash. Due to the number of vegetables needing chopping this usually takes around 30 minutes. 

The Crab Bolognese with a Fennel Salad was a nice surprise – crab is not a meat I usually eat. I could not obtain fresh crab meat so used tinned, the meal was very nice, so I guessed it worked. Will make it again when fresh crab available.

The Beef Chimichurri was another success and one I would recommend although the portion of steak was small if you are feeding young men, especially athletic ones, so would suggest altering that according to who will be at your table.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Seared Asian Beef was a surprising favourite (not really a beef person) – again, such a lot of ingredients just gathering them up takes 15 minutes but so worth the effort, and so pretty on the plate.




Certainly a book I go back to frequently.

Photo Acknowledgements:

End Photo  – Photo by Tristan Gassert on Unsplash

Featured Image – Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

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