Brining a Chicken, a positive experience.

Looking through my recipe books I came to ‘Mushroom Butter Chicken with Jerusalem Artichokes’ in Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes. This is not a book I use often as many of the recipes need a lot of preparation and/or marinating for 8 hours – not a process compatible with full time working and 3 children. Time has now moved on and as a retiree with an empty nest I can look differently at these books.

This recipe, for example, needs to start the day before you need to eat (at least – it can be then left for up to 2 days but as I am a ‘bit iffy’ about chicken I kept to the minimum time). Also, I have never even considered ‘brining’ a chicken so had no idea of the merits/consequences of such a process.

Brined, ready for the butter and mushroom mixture (the brine is in the large pan – you need a container that is both big enough to carry the chicken and will fit into your fridge, my pasta pan suited the task)

Following the recipe steps as directed it was very simple. Pushing the butter mixture between the flesh and skin was easier if you did first separate the skin with oiled hands (as advised), it was delicate and easy to tear.

It was moist and tasty – delicious. Definitely worth a try



Featured Image – Sink – Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

Author: Terri Larcombe

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