A Trip to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

We recently went to the Palace Theatre in London to see ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’. The play is in two parts with the option to see both parts on the same day or on two consecutive days. As we live in the north of England we selected to see them on the same day, although if we lived in London I think seeing them on separate days would have given a breathing space to ‘digest’ the production.

No ‘spoilers’ even though I know that the scripts are available in book form through bookshops. Just to say that the production was truly magic. How stage settings and scenes were changed, and events portrayed was inspirational and I found that I was watching the actors behaviour and the scenery rather than involving myself in the plot.

Although I did not miss out as the storytelling and scene ‘props’ are intertwined (if you know what I mean)

There is a two-hour break between Parts 1 and 2 so we headed over to nearby ChinaTown for dinner. We have eaten regularly at The Imperial China and knew we would enjoy a traditional Chinese meal (and be served quickly – a bonus) http://www.imperialchina-london.com/ It seemed that this was also popular with other members of the audience and we enjoyed short conversations of the ‘plot so far’ with fellow diners.

We also shared out efforts to obtain tickets. This is not as straight forward as contacting the Box Office or TicketMaster. Tickets are released only at certain times so ensuring your name is on the mailing list is the first step. Having the time to sign in and sit waiting is the next – we were on our third attempt when we managed to buy the tickets. I had not appreciated the level of demand so was not prepared on my first attempt. The second attempt, despite signing in with plenty of time, was also unsuccessful as I had to abandon my place in the queue after waiting well over an hour. The third time we were lucky – both by purchasing tickets and because I did so within the first hour, although I had allocated the whole day just in case! https://www.nimaxtheatres.com/shows/harry-potter-cursed-child/ Follow the link for further information and guidance.

Despite the trials and tribulations purchasing tickets we all agreed it had been worth the effort and walked back for Part 2.




Author: Terri Larcombe

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