Not all recipes can be adapted for 2 people, most are aimed for 4 people at the table. Whilst I do try to reduce the amounts by 50% it is not always possible – and so the freezer fills up.

The temperature last week was soaring high – and we were spending a lot of time in the garden weeding and generally tidying up. So, rather than cook late in the evening I decided to have a ‘Clear Up’ week.

We started with ‘Lamb, Saffron, Dried Lime and Cumin Spiced Rice’ from S. Ghayour’s ‘Sirocco’ recipe book. Not quite ‘leftovers’ I know but needed to use the ingredients I had bought prior to deciding to eat out on Friday. I had no dried lime so used Kaffir Leaves which worked fine. I would describe the dish as a Persian Paella and it was really yummy.

Next day I thawed the Rick Stein ‘Bolognaise Sausage Ragu’ (I had seen him do this dish on a TV programme and found the recipe on Google). Now I know it is not the most pretty of dishes, but it is my favourite pasta dish of all. I always make the full dish as it does freeze well. I did make the pasta though.






Wednesday was Bean Stew – the label was not clear but I think it was a ‘Hairy Dieters’ recipe. My thinking was supported when I discovered the stew was sitting on a bed of roasted cauliflower rice. Added a salad and dinner was on the table.

Whilst looking through the freezer to plan the week’s dining I had discovered a Venison Chorizo. Not sure how long it had been there but could show you which stall at the ‘Pop Up’ market at Kings Cross that I bought it from. The market is there from midweek to Saturday and is a great place for picking up Breads, Cheeses, pies, cakes and Chorizos as you pass through on your way to the trains – a mini Borough market. I also had some pasta leftover from earlier in the week (apparently cooked then reheated pasta is healthy) so Thursday was pasta night. I chopped up celery, onion, garlic, green pepper and garlic – throw it into a pan with the chorizo which I had sliced thinly and let it cook away gently for 5 minutes. Added a tin of chopped tomatoes and a carton of Passata, brought it to the boil and left it all to simmer for 30 minutes. By this time is was hot and tasty. Boiled a pan of water, added the pasta for 5 minutes to heat through and – dinner was ready.

We ended the week with Short Ribs – although they had been in the freezer for 6 months the sauce was as rich and tasty as I recall and the ribs very tender. I think it was a recipe from Ree Drummond’s website ( ) that I adapted for the Slow Cooker.


And now, with summer holidays fast approaching, we will have a few weeks of healthy eating – would much rather go on holiday a few pounds lighter than come home and find nothing fits.

Photo Acknowledgements:

Featured Image  – Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

Market Stall – Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

End Photo – Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash



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