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As I began planning my retirement I started with Google – that mine of information and distractions! Initially I was searching for basic, but relevant, information in relation to financial planning, pensions etc. although often distracted by sites offering insights into retirement itself.

Some were basic and had not been updated for some time, others contained practical and helpful direction for a new way of living.

I have a list below of links to those I found interesting and thought I would share. Some were of practical use, others offered advice relating to activities and many were just interesting to read. This is a general website listing many retirement sites – it is updated weekly and is USA focused. That said the Blog Sites it lists are useful to read as they offer advice that can work this side of the Atlantic. is the UK version and lists the top 20 retirement sites. Many are in relation to financing your retirement (and we do need to retire fully informed so don’t ignore these) although there are others that offer inspiration through sharing their ‘bucket lists’ or maintaining a Blog in the style of a diary. These remind me of the 19th Century authors submitting their novels on a weekly basis to The Times or Punch (think Dickens or Brontes) The following link is an example of a site offering tips on retirement alongside diarised events of ‘life as a retiree’. is another example of a diary style site that demonstrates the possibilities offered by retirement, alongside insights into finance.



A day could easily be lost searching for and reading through such sites, although this is not a negative activity. As well as practical information many of the sites offer encouragement and insights to inspire you in the next phase of your life.


Simply writing ‘UK Retirement Blogs’ into your preferred search engine delivers a host of sites for you to trawl through if looking for information – or just to sit in the sunshine and read as if they were a journal.

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Author: Terri Larcombe

Terri is recently retired and commenced this site to share her experience of retirement, both as an information resource and a Lifestyle Blog

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