Couch 2 5Km Update 4:

Every day ‘something fast’ was the plan and, so far I am on target. The heat has made it difficult – even in the gym it is stifling. Aware of the rarity of the hot conditions so trying not to moan. Yesterday I covered 4.8Km (3 Miles) in 43 minutes. Due to heat I had intended to just walk briskly – the surprise was – I kept breaking into a run!

Wimbledon and sunny weather are both distractions but still on track to do week 9 run 3 shortly.

Reflecting on how I have tackled this challenge so far, I identified that my lack of enthusiasm for running must have contributed to the slowness in achieving the goal. Despite being a regular attender at a gym and a keen walker I never ran anywhere so in reality I was starting from a baseline of Zero.

Although I can now run 2Km in under 15 minutes and regularly walk 3 miles in 42 minutes I do not feel any further progress. I decided to review how I was trying to achieve the goal. Perhaps it was more about keeping the legs moving, improving speed and distance, raising pulse rates and increasing stamina rather than focusing on running 5Km in 30 minutes.

I went to the gym and looked at the machines. Now, I can walk easily so thought the treadmill would be good to use for the ‘warm up walk’, the Cross-trainer would exercise arms and legs and as I enjoy cycling the Static Bike would introduce some pleasure. All these machines have screens displaying scenic routes and I would have earphones for music.


I decided to use all 3 and in 40 minutes I travelled 7.5Km – which included both the warm up and cool down walks.



I, at last, felt a real sense that I can achieve the goal.

Photo Acknowledgements:

Photo by morgan sarkissian on Unsplash – Featured Image

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash – Gym sign

Photo by Martin Barák on Unsplash – Bikes

Photo by ivan Torres on Unsplash – End photo

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