Couch 2 5Km Update 3:

Oh Lordy, Week 8 and it is really serious now. Continuous running for 28 minutes! I’m an old lady, what was I thinking??

Encouraged by the third run of week 7, as 3.8Km is close to 5.00Km, I felt I ran further and faster. Indeed, doing 4.4Km on the first run of the week. Although still a mixture of trotting and very fast walking rather than any Paula Radcliffe style of running. I am protecting my knees, nursing my back and have a blister on my right little toe – I should be at home watching daytime TV.

Week 9 – now expected to run for 30 minutes continuously – 30 MINUTES!  Only 2 more minutes per session than week 8 I know BUT psychologically it is enormous.

I feel that I have moaned and groaned my way through this whole challenge and I don’t care. Despite the heat, the knees, the blister, the hay fever etc etc I am still here – and that is what counts.


My first run of week 9 was in our local park and very pleasant, well, if I hadn’t been running it would have been. Still a mixture of jogging and very fast walking but I did cover 4.828Kms – so frustrating. Although also good, if I had achieved the 5Km I would have packed up and gone home – only joking.

The second run was back in doors at the gym and I was feeling confident after Run 1. So exciting as I actually ran non-stop for 2 Km! As time passed I thought to myself Michael J. should surely have been saying ‘You have run for 10 minutes, doing really well’ – or similar, looked down at the App and it was on pause! 

Luckily, I had set the machine to move for 40 minutes so I had some idea of progress but in the end only ran 4.4 Km. Oh, never mind. Always tomorrow (my Scarlet O’Hara moment)


Run 3 is the point at which the 5 Km should be achieved – I decided that I really should start taking this seriously (sounds of an awakening competitive gene, methinks) So, I have chosen to delay the 3rd run and instead train for the final attempt. Hayfever and a heatwave helped my decision. So now everyday for a week I will do something fast. I can now run 2Km non-stop in less than 15 minutes. Today I have just ran/walked without pause or slowing for 40 minutes and covered 5.295Km. not really achieving the objective (as that includes the ‘warm up’ walk) but does feel good.

Looking back on first C25K post – I said that June 25th was the date of the final run. Today is 26th ….. so encouraged.

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