Couch 2 5Km Update 2:

I must admit I struggled with Week 5 – not just my dislike of running but oh, my knees! I felt that the level of activity and length of runs was really a noticeable ‘Step Up’. Although let’s be honest – it is not really running, still just light jogging with Michael Johnson’s verbal encouragement in my ear but, oh it hurt.

I had great plans for Week 6 as I would be in Stockholm, Sweden and the weather forecast was good. The hotel had a gym so I thought I would try that out first – it was small and busy and I felt guilty ‘hogging’ the running machine so the first run of the week did not go to plan. Not to fret, I thought, I would do Run 2 outdoors.

Up early and in the dawn sunshine I set off from the hotel. The paths and roads were surprisingly busy for 7.00am and I did become lost on a few occasions which was distracting. I decided that I really should put the plan ‘on hold’ although I kept the legs moving by doing my own version of running/brisk walking for the rest of the week then re-started Week 6 once back in England. This will delay the actual 5km run.

Who am I kidding – I was never going to maintain the timeline.

Stockholm, in case you have never visited, is a beautiful city. Reminded me of both York and Venice but more of that in a different post.

Back to the task in hand. I re-started the sessions by running/walking along the banks of the river Tees in lovely spring sunshine.

Week 7 was another ‘Step Up – and Oh, my calves! I stretch, I warm up, I cool down and yet this week my calves have letting me know that they do not like running either.  As the Hay Fever season was with us I thought it may be best to move indoors do a session in the gym.

Well, that may have worked except for the guy on the running machine next to me. He started off well then slowed and coughed and wheezed and stopped. Then once settled he would start running again – then the coughing and slowing would start, then settle. I diagnosed Exercise Induced Asthma (can take the girl out of nursing but not nursing out of the girl) although knowing that did not stop the distraction as I was conscious of him all the time.

Run 3 nearly didn’t happen as in the morning I twisted my back and caused it to spasm. I kept changing my mind as to whether it would be best to delay exercise for a day. In the end I decided I was just taking the easy road because running is not my thing so – 400mg of Ibuprofen and off I went (this is not a recommendation, nor advice). I covered 3.8Km in the 35 minutes which was really encouraging and my back felt a lot better.

Week 7 complete and on to Week 8, I’m still in the game.


Photo Acknowledgements:

Photo by Jennifer Birdie Shawker on Unsplash (Featured Image)

Photo by Peter Wendt on Unsplash (Stockholm)

Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash (Hayfever)

Photo by Yuki Dog on Unsplash (end photo)


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