Couch to 5 Km

Firstly, I must admit – I hate running. I can climb on a bike and cycle for hours but running, it’s not for me. I would rather miss that bus and walk to the next stop.

When at work I regularly walked between buildings, returned on foot to the railway station etc. and always wore a pedometer to ensure I was keeping mobile despite hours sitting on trains and at meetings (a day in Sheffield including a walk from the train to the Hallamshire Hospital and back was a journey of 17,000 steps).

Since I no longer work, nor travel as much, I have looked at a variety of ways to maintain fitness – physical health underpins mental health and agility as I am sure you know.

Listening to BBC Breakfast one morning I heard a discussion about a Public Health England App – Couch 2 5Km – and thought ‘now there’s a challenge’ Follow the link for detailed information, find the downloadable App on the App Store

One You Couch to 5K logo image

Looking at the information on the website there is a 9 week programme which guides the participant through a common sense build up of strength and stamina towards achieving a 5Km run – and you get to choose your trainer, I choose Michael Johnson.

Now, I am still not convinced I will run 5Km, nor that I will enjoy the process although determined to accept the self-imposed challenge.

Updating on a regularly basis, I think, will encourage me to at least be an enthusiastic participant. Starting on Monday 16th April I should be running 5 Km on June 25th. I’ll let you know.

Photo Acknowledgements:

Photo by Coen Staal on Unsplash



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