Having survived to week 4 I thought I would up date you on my progress. Week 1 involved 3 sessions, each of 30 minutes and comprising of 7 sixty second light jogs. These were interspersed with timed episodes of brisk walking all the while Michael Johnson spoke encouragingly in my ear. It all sounds a doddle – it wasn’t.

Although fair to say that by the third day I was looking forward to it, not proud to say it was more to do with ‘getting it over with’ than any anticipation of enjoyment.  At the end of the session Michael J. advises a drink and a snack to ‘replenish and re-energise you’ – so I had a cup of tea and 2 biscuits, not sure that is what he meant ?

In week 2 the length of the light jogs increases in time to 90 seconds. I did find these more difficult although mostly because I had miscounted the number of runs in Session 1 and had not finished when I thought I had ☹. The disappointment stayed with me all week. That said I did notice by the end of the week I was running longer distances in each 90 second jog than I had at the beginning of the week. Now for 2 days off (I don’t do weekends)

Week 3 had a shock – the sessions now included 2 runs of 3 minutes! I had decided to try running on the treadmill at the gym instead of the paths near the house. Previously I have had difficulty even walking fast on treadmills, so anxiety levels were high. All was well, so I now know if there is heavy rain I have no excuse. Is that a good thing?

Week 4 already and is approx. 50% of the way there.

Just some general advice – Be Sensible, whilst offering encouragement by sharing my story I have no idea of your state of health or fitness so can not offer any specific guidance.

If you have never run before or have been inactive for some time I would suggest that you ‘step it down’. Instead of ‘walking briskly’, walk at your usual pace, instead of doing the ‘light jogs’ walk briskly. It may mean that instead of jogging 5Kms in week 9 you walk 3Kms briskly – it is still beneficial and could lead to you then taking up the challenge as originally intended.

Week 4 really stepped it up a gear – there are two 5-minute runs in each session, interspersed with shorter runs and brisk walking. I must admit by the third session and the final 5-minute jog I was struggling. I consoled myself that I had spent the previous two days going up and down a step ladder whilst decorating a bedroom and yet here I was, still on track.

Onto Week 5 Run 1 – I still dislike running.

Photo Acknowledgements:

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash (Featured image)

Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash


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