I have been learning a new skill this week whilst helping out a friend.

Looking after hens is new to me – (although I have helped pluck them ready for market when I was young).

Visiting daily to ensure food and water are in good supply and the coop kept in reasonable order was more interesting than I thought it would be.


The 4 ‘ladies’ are named after members of the Spice Girls and very apt that turned out to be. Posh Hen just ignored me, Ginger Hen was very ‘chatty’ and likes company – she would be the one I could hear as I walked down the garden and was happy following me when I went inside. Baby Hen is obviously the smallest although did lay an egg every day, so I guess she is also the most productive. Her eggs are blue so it’s easy to identify.

Scary Hen was just that – moody and had a certain look that said ‘don’t mess with me’, so it was difficult every day trying to explain to her that she could sit on the eggs for a month of Sundays but not one of them would hatch. I felt my dialogue with her was more that of a counsellor than a Coop maid.

I undertook a ‘clean out’ session at the end of the week so obtained the assistance of my son, a little apprehensive at first he quickly warmed to them and happily kept them occupied whilst I replaced the bedding and straw. Although he was surprised at the amount of ‘droppings’ they produced!


My reward was the daily eggs (average 3 per day) and very nice they taste too. 


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