Fashion and clothes have never rated highly on my priority list. Neither could I claim to have any style, I can quite happily pair a Jaeger dress with a cardigan from H&M alongside shoes so old that even I have no idea of their origins.

I just had categories – Formal, Work, Casual (very). My dilemma (I know, minor issue!) is what to do with the ‘work’ clothes. These mainly consisted of Dresses, Jackets, and Black Trousers which could all be co-ordinated and, if required, become ‘a suit’.

In the 2 years leading up to retirement I did not replace any items that looked ‘worn out’. I naively thought such a plan would weed out ‘stuff’ I would no longer use. Was not the case!

Alongside the black dresses & suits I had failed to recognise the amount of smart chinos and blouses I used – mainly in the summer – when just spending the day in the office.

The obvious answer was – make them casual day wear. Yet I struggle, I open the wardrobe look at the clothes and think ‘Oh, I cannot wear that around the house’.

As a consequence, I have clothes just hanging there unused. My challenge is to change my mindset, so I have become a woman who ‘dresses up’ when leaving the house. They have become my ‘going out’ clothes.

My ‘clothes shopping’ mindset also needs to change – I am still drawn to the racks of smart simple dresses. Who know that clothing was to become such an issue.

Photo Acknowledgements:

Photo by Lauren Roberts on Unsplash -featured Image

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash – wardrobe

Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash – fashion models

Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash – end photo



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